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VPI Classic1 (30주년)
판매가격 :  
주문수량 :
제조사 : vpl
원산지 : 미국
합계금액 :  
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Hi Fi Plus - Turntable of the Year - 2009

Harry Pearson - Golden Ear Award 2009

Anthony Cordesman - Golden Ear Award 2010

Germany - Image Hi-Fi, Turntable of the Year

The VPI Classic 1 turntable comes standard with the unipivot JMW-10.5i tonearm Special Edition in rigid mount mode, new VPI silver coated pure copper wire, a 2.5" thick plinth trimmed with real black oak or real solid walnut finish (at no additional cost), a solid mounted 600 RPM AC synchronous motor, new 2" thick machined aluminum platter, silent inverted bearing, and new isolator feet derived from the HR-X. .

The sound of the Classic 1 turntable is fast, clean, wide open, with deep powerful bass, and unequalled in speed stability. The Classic 1 turntable” gives any turntable made regardless of price a serious "run for the money."

This completely new design has produced the simplest and one of the best sounding VPI tables to date.

VPI "Classic Turntable" Features:
  • Special Edition JMW-10.5i SE tonearm - By giving up "vta on the fly" adjustments, you get most of the sound of the highly reviewed JMW-10.5i tonearm. A new less expensive base and mounting saves hundreds of dollars but gives up little in sound.

  • New 6061 machined aluminum 18 pound high inertia platter with precision inverted bearing and stainless steel damping plate.

  • Speed stability on par with a master tape - Due to the rigid mounting of motor - platter - tonearm there is no random motion to cause speed instabilities.

  • Noise rejection allowing the Classic 1 turntable to sit on a wood shelf near four 15" subwoofers and having virtually no feedback.

  • Lack of random motion between the motor - platter - tonearm gives the ultimate in low level resolution. Not only does this rigidity improve speed stability, it also allows the retrievel of low level information challenging the world's great turntables and master tapes.

  • Absolutely solid, non-resonating laminated one-piece chassis holding all components. This is not a wooden frame; it is a solid laminated 2.5" thick MDF block with 11 gauge steel attached to the top with silicone and long bolts through all the layers. The chassis weighs 30 pounds and is totally non-resonant.

  • Now with solid black oak or solid walnut wood finish on all four sides.

  • RCA jack termination so you can use the interconnect of your choice.

  • Tonearm anti-skate - For those that require the fine adjustment of anti-skate, it is standard on the JMW-10.5i SE.

  • Optional lift off full dustcover is available.

    Optional periphery ring clamp.
    Optional SDS power supply.
    Optional XLR conectors.

20.5" W x 15.5" D x 10" H (Including tonearm wire loop)

Weight: 65 pounds


VPI - JMW - 10.5i


Due to the world wide reviewer acclaim of the JMW-9 and 9 Signature something had to be done to keep our 10" arms sonically in the lead. By going to a dual mounting design, we have made a tonearm that is clean, fast, and powerful, but also very easy to adjust for the best results from any cartridge. Although they share much of their predecessors' design, including the precision unipivot, damped stainless steel/aluminum arm tube, the 10.5i incorporates several significant improvements:

    Nordost Valhalla wire standard. A secondary mounting has been placed between the arm rest and the arm lift to greatly improve the arm's rigidity. The secondary mounting makes this the only arm that can do VTA adjustments while listening and then be locked as rigid as a solid mounted arm. Do not discount this function, it counts for the speed and low bass detail in the 10.5i. A large knurled and calibrated VTA tower with a smooth precise feel makes it easy to set VTA during play. This is of major importance with the new set of high definition cartridges now available The azimuth ring on the 10.5i has the larger side weights of the 12.7 for improved stability. Fluid damping is available for cartridges that require it (such as Grado, Clearaudio). All possible parameters are adjustable on these tonearms. Optional balanced XLR output connections. The 10.5i tonearm wand does not fit the 10.5 or 10 tonearm base. The 10.5i is 12 mm longer and will not work on older JMW 10" arm bases. The upgrade from the JMW-10 is $1200.00 plus your old arm, the upgrade from the 10.5 is $800.00. Both upgrades are factory direct only and may include a tonearm board in certain instances.

All this gives you a tonearm with the speed and impact of the JMW-9 Signature but also having the finesse and adjustability of the state of the art JMW-12.7

Available for all tables with 1.5 to 2" thick platters.


(A) Scoutmaster/JMW 9 upgraded to 10.5i is $1500 plus your tonearm.

(B) Scoutmaster/JMW 9-Signature upgraded to a 10.5i is $1000 plus arm.

(C) SSM/JMW9-Signature upgraded to a 10.5i is $1000 plus tonearm.

(D) SSM/JMW 9 upgraded to JMW 10.5i is $1500 plus tonearm.

Credit for tonearms less than one year old will be at full retail value.

The 10.5i modification kit is user friendly and is installed with four wood screws and a metal plate which is mounted onto the topplate of the turntable.
After receiving your modification kit, please return your tonearm in VPI's packaging/box.


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